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Эхинацея плюс

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Эхинацея плюс

      Эхинацея узколистная сухие корни, Эхинацея узколистная само растение, Эхинацея пурпурная сухие корни, Эхинацея пурпурная семена, Эхинацея бледная сухие корни, Чеснок и перец Хабанеро.

Терапевтическое действие:

      Эхинацея это один из сильнейших известных имуностимуляторов и усилителей.
      Она может удвоить или утроить количество Т-лимфоцитов и макрофагоцитов в крови в течении нескольких дней. Она может также увеличить количество интерферона, интерлейкина, иммуноглобулина и других натуральных иммунных веществ в крови. Так действует эхинацея, она резко увеличением количество иммунных клеток, а натуральные иммунные вещества стимулируют клетки к большей активности. Результат стимуляции иммунитета это сокращение времени простуды и гриппа и предотвращение будущих болезней. Она также запускает и ускоряет восстановление хронических и длительных иммуннозавясящих заболеваний, болезней.
      Перец Кайен (Cayenne) это лучший натуральный стимулятор циркуляции крови и он делает имунные травы намного эффективнее. Чеснок наиболее эффективное антибактериальное, антивирусное и противогрибковое растение из известных. Эхинацея и чеснок это наиболее мощная пара для зашиты.

Дозировка зависит от степени болезни. Чем хуже вы себя чувствуете тем большую дозу можно принять. Мои пациенты принимали в два, три и даже четыре раза больше максимальной дозы и ни разу не было случая что формула эхинацеи оказала какой-то токсический, негативный эффект или плохо повлияла на иммунитет.




      Echinacea angustifolia dried root,  Echinacea angustifolia whole herb, Echinacea purpurea dried root, Echinacea purpurea seed,
      Echinacea Pallida dried root, Fresh Garlic bulb juice and Habanero pepper.

Therapeutic Action:

      Echinacea is one of the strongest immune simulators and enhancers known.

      It can double and triple the amount of T-cells and Macrophages in your bloodstream with in a few days. It can also increase the amount of Interferon, Interleukin, Immunogloblin and other important natural immune chemicals present in your blood. This is how Echinacea works, by boosting the number of immune cells and the amount of natural immune chemicals, then stimulating them into more activity. The benefit of immune stimulatation is a shorter duration of existing colds and flu and/or prevention of future infections. It also initiates and speeds up recovery from chronic and long-term immune-related depression illnesses, diseases and degeneration.

      Cayenne is the best herb to stimulate circulation and makes these already powerful immune herbs many times more effective. Garlic is the best, most effective broad spectrum antibiotic, anti-viral, anti-fungal herb known. Echinacea and Garlic are the Herbal Dynamic Duo.


      General: For general protection and immune stimulation, especially when you are not ill. This could even be when you're feeling fine but many around you are ill. People asked me for years, how can you be around so many sick people all the time and stay healthy yourself? Well, I live a very healthy lifestyle and takes lots of Echinacea Plus.
      The best dosage for this scenario is two dropperfuls, three times daily, until you use up two fluid ounces. This dosage will take about twelve days. My patients who did this once a month never got sick.

Feeling out of sorts:
      If you are feeling a bit off, but it's nothing you can really put your finger on, this may mean that you are about to get sick. It also may mean that your body is fighting something off but in either case it is a good time it give it some help. In this scenario I suggest taking two dropperfuls six times daily until you consume two fluid ounces. This will take approximately six days.

I know I am sick.
      This is when you actually have some observable, clinical symptoms. Sore throat, fever, nasal or lung congestion, toxic bite or sting, wound or trauma. Anytime there is anything wrong with you, your immune system must go to work. In this case I suggest an initial blast of 1 dropperful every waking hour or about 16 dropperfuls in a day, until you consume a total of two fluid ounces. This will take approximately four days.

I am REALLY sick:
      This is when you are suddenly sweating, have the chills, a cold, food poisoning, cancer, whatever, but you are really ill. There is not time to waste fooling around and immediate aggressive herbal treatment can save you days of agony. In this case I suggest drinking an entire fluid ounce of Echinacea tincture immediately. For those who might have a hard time doing this, it can be diluted in juice or drunk ½ an ounce one hour and the other ½ ounce the next. Remember that this is 1 ounce of alcohol so keep that in mind and don't drive. Than consume an additional two droppersfuls every waking hours until you finish two fluid ounces. I suggest to continue taking Echinacea tincture at this rate and consume an additional two fluid ounces totaling four fluid ounces. This will take two to four days.

REMEMBER, all of the above suggested dosages can be doubled, meaning you can consume more than two fluid ounces. Many of my patients doubled, tripled, even quadrupled these above suggestions and I never had one case of Echinacea Poisoning or Immune System Burnout.

Источник: http://www.curezone.com/schulze/handbook/echinacea.asp